Tuesday, January 12, 2010


f-elevenbooks.com/ is going to be the home base for f-eleven publications and blog as well as some informational links as to the charities benefiting from our various group efforts. The website looks great and was thrown together quickly and masterfully by Brooks Ayola, a wonderful commercial photographer working out of the San Fernando Valley (the very same SFV that I grew up in. Of course when I was growing up in The Valley, as it's commonly referred to, it was still mainly strawberry fields, corn fields, horse ranches, some orange groves and the like. It was a cornucopia then, now it's know as pornacopia...but I digress).

This page
is where all the photographers who participated in volume one are listed with some additional bio material on each person. It's always fascinating to me to read how differently people relate to photography and how and why they use their cameras the way that they do. Same tool, so many different POVs. Anyways, check out that page and see some of the interesting photographers in f-eleven, the book, which can be found (with a full preview!) here.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

f-11, A Classic and Contemporary Photography Collection

f-11 or f-eleven is a private, invitation only photography group I belong to. Recently we published a book, the proceeds of which are being donated to charity. I have a nice spread in the volume (which I'll show and tell later) but am most proud to be part of a collective who is capable of producing such a nice, diverse selection of work.

A good part of the success of the volume, besides the quality work by the photographers, was the keen editing and design by WOLF189.

To view the full preview of the book go to:


There are:

Over 260 images
20 photographers
160 pages (premium paper)
8" x 10" (landscape style)

featuring the following photographers:

Brooks Ayola ( Polaroid nude portraits )
Ralph Barker ( fine art landscape + still life )
Kincaid Blackwood ( erotic portraits )
Mariah Carle ( fashion + portrait )
Matthew Cherry ( fine art night photography )
Nicole Jaja ( travel + candid portraits )
Leo Lam ( editorial fashion )
Dave Levingston ( fine art nude in nature )
Brooke Lynne ( experimental nude )
Darryl Martin ( fine art thematic portraits )
Ken Mierzwa ( documentary punk rock portraits )
D. Brian Nelson ( personal work )
Trish Noble ( erotic portraits )
Keith Allen Phillips ( fine art fetish portraits )
Collin J. Rae ( fetish + erotic portraits )
Sarah Robertson ( personal work )
Dave Rudin ( fine art nude + travel )
Susan Michele Smith ( fetish+erotic portraits )
Kim Melia von Seidl ( candid portraits+erotic portraits )
Wolf189 ( editorial fashion + erotic portraits )

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Shadow People

Night shooting gives me a glimpse of a part of our world that most people just sleep through. There is a different pace to the night. A different look. A different feel. Prowling the streets at night one certainly expects to come across shadows. Sometimes shadows are the brightest part of night shooting. But what I really love about the night are the things that show up, different from the light of day.

Shadow people are well known in occult literature. Dark forms on edge of a frame or field of vision, they are said to represent ghosts or negative energy. The most intriguing explanation to me is that they are seeping form or energy, that what is actually being seen is the temporary flicker of energy of a form, an entity from a different dimension. Present in our reality for a brief period of time whilst dimensions overlap and then gone from view as worlds alter once again.

Jeanloup Sieff